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Easy for anyone to build, a Drywall Contract permits a drywaller to define the terms of an arrangement with a property owner. When it is drafted properly, this contract may reduce disputes by... Read more

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Making a Drywall Contract

  • What is a Drywall Contract?

    Easy for anyone to build, a Drywall Contract permits a drywaller to define the terms of an arrangement with a property owner. When it is drafted properly, this contract may reduce disputes by ensuring that the understanding is mutual between the signing parties. Not just a generic drywall contract template, any Drywall Agreement under an active Rocket Lawyer Premium membership is supported by Document Defense®, an optional benefit to help enforce your rights.

  • Do drywallers need to create Drywall Contracts?

    Regardless of how few hours the work will take, creating a record of your commitments to the client is important. You might decide that you want to make this document because, when done accurately, it can yield the benefits outlined below:

    • The drywaller and property owner both understand the scope of their responsibilities
    • There are no surprises about how long the project will last
    • Everyone knows when invoicing will happen

    Any drywaller opting not to use a Drywall Agreement, in many cases, should anticipate common issues like unrealistic requests or confusion about timing, costs, and materials

  • Do you need a license to drywall?

    While you may not need to have a specific background to be a drywall installer, the state where you work may require you to obtain specific licensing or permitting before you can operate in the state. Anyone who is considering a sole drywall business should work with a lawyer to review the legal requirements, including bonding and insurance guidelines before seeking work as a drywaller. Most drywallers can get started by working with a company who is already established to obtain the necessary experience and certifications before going out on their own.

  • What details should a contract for drywalling cover?

    In order to build your Drywall Contract right now, you'll need the following:

    • Contact information for the property owner
    • What specific tasks you will be performing once hired
    • How much it will cost and when payment is due
    • What the start and end dates are

    As usual, this contract made on Rocket Lawyer also includes the typical legalese about the non-employer relationship between the parties, indemnity, confidentiality, and finally, the method(s) of dispute resolution. In the process of making your agreement, you'll also have the ability to designate the jurisdiction under which it will be governed. Further personalization is possible, as necessary.

  • How much does a drywall contractor make?

    A drywall installer's salary may depend on a number of factors, including where they operate and what type of properties they work on. Typically, contractors who do primarily residential drywall installation will not earn as much as those contractors who focus their business on commercial drywall installation. A rough estimate might be $50K per year for the average contractor.

  • On average, what would it typically cost for me to get a drywall contract template?

    Fortunately, you won't need to pay hundreds of dollars in legal fees to get your agreement in writing. With Rocket Lawyer, anyone is able to draft a free Drywall Contract today. Your document will be assembled section by section, as you answer simple questions to enter details. Simply click the button labeled "Make document" to start.

    If you have any concerns before you begin, ask a lawyer. You should also feel free to explore the other business documents in our library.

  • Are there any additional steps to take next after drafting a Drywall Contract?

    Attached alongside each Drywall Contract, there will be a checklist of next steps you can take to finalize the document. You also may interact with your document in one or all of these ways: editing, signing it electronically with RocketSign®, printing it, or saving it as a Word or PDF file. Most importantly, you will need to give a copy of the fully signed contract to the other party.

  • Where do I have my Drywall Contracts evaluated by a lawyer?

    Getting a second set of eyes on your contract can take a long time if you attempt to do it on your own. An alternate approach might be via the On Call network. Rocket Lawyer members have the ability to request a contract review from an On Call attorney with experience in business or send additional questions. As a business owner, you can Work Confidently® with Rocket Lawyer by your side.

  • How much does it cost to start a drywall business?

    For those considering a drywall business, you should be prepared to invest in your own tools. These tools may include ladders, scaffolding, stilts, sanders, trowels, and hawks. Additionally, you will want a vehicle which can carry the tools you need to complete the jobs you are going to be working on. If you have more questions about starting a business, it can be helpful to consult a lawyer who has experience in the state in which you plan to operate.

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