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Sample Hospital Visitation Authorization Form Template
Hospital Visitation Authorization Basics

If you want to make sure someone can visit you in the hospital, you may need a Hospital Visitation Authorization. Oftentimes non-family members can be prevented from making hospital visits, but having a signed authorization can help you avoid any complications. A Hospital Visitation Authorization helps you bypass red tape so your friends can support you in person.

Use the Hospital Visitation Authorization document if:

  • You want to make sure certain people can visit you in the hospital.
  • You have a partner or significant other, but aren't legally married.

Sample Hospital Visitation Authorization

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Planning for worst case scenarios isn't always pleasant, but a Hospital Visitation Authorization can be very important. Hospitals have strict rules and, much of the time, only family can visit patients. Furthermore, states can use a very narrow definition of family. What if you want your partner to be able to visit? What about your boyfriend or best friend? You have your own definition of family, but you have to make sure the hospital knows about it - and it's in writing. If everyone your authorizing has a copy of the document it can help make tough situations a little easier. A Hospital Visitation Authorization helps make sure your visitors can make it.

Other names for this document: Medical Visitation Authorization, Hospital Visitation Authorization Form

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