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Sample Homeowners' Association Proxy Form Template
Homeowners' Association Proxy Basics

A Homeowners' Association Proxy allows someone else to vote for you in the event you can't make a homeowners' meeting. Assigning a proxy helps you maintain your interests and also helps the meeting itself move forward without worry over an absent member. When you can't be there, a Homeowners' Association Proxy helps get your voice heard.

Use the Homeowners' Association Proxy document if:

  • You want to vote at a homeowners' meeting, but can't be there.
  • You need to tell your proxy how to vote.
  • You'd like to ensure the meeting makes quorum.

When you can't be there in person, a Homeowners' Association Proxy can let you vote. Maybe there's an issue on the table you really care about: like changes to quiet hours or the introduction of a neighborhood watch - but what if you'll be out of town? What if you have other obligations? As long as you have a proxy you can see to your prior engagements while maintaining your vote. You also want to make sure your proxy is voting how you'd like; after all, they're representing you. Having the agreement in writing can help you avoid issues and help your proxy remember exactly what your stance is on each important issue. Using a Homeowners' Association Proxy can help you participate in meetings even when you can't attend.

Other names for this document: HOA Proxy, Homeowner's Association Voting Proxy

Sample Homeowners' Association Proxy

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