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Sample Extra Release Form Template
Extra Release Basics

If you're making a film or video, and are using extras, you can use an Extra Release to limit your future liability. Managing crowds for music videos or a wave of panicked civilians for your sci-fi epic is demanding, yet often results in superior production value. An Extra Release can help ensure that your hard work with the extras is all on-screen in the final cut.

Use the Extra Release document if:

  • You need to hire extras for a film or video shoot.
  • You're searching for volunteer extras.
  • You're shooting in a public space and bystanders may be filmed.
  • You're a seriously small, indie production working with extras.

Sample Extra Release

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An Extra Release gives you written permission to use an extra's likeness in your film or video. Even if your extras are volunteers, it's a good idea to get their written permission before you start filming. The Extra Release helps prevent someone you have filmed from holding up production, or the release date, and this is why it is useful to obtain the individual's release prior to or at the time the performance is recorded.

Other names for this document: Extra Release Form, Extra Release for Film, Extra Release Agreement

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