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Sample Deed of Reconveyance Form Template
Deed of Reconveyance Basics

Paying off your mortgage calls for celebration, as well as a Deed of Reconveyance, which proves that you've fully repaid your property loan, or mortgage. A Deed of Reconveyance is the last step to homeownership, as it is the document which confirms your fulfillment of the loan, and your ownership of the property.

Use the Deed of Reconveyance document if:

  • You just made your last mortgage payment.
  • You lent someone money to buy a house, and they've repaid you in full.

A Deed of Reconveyance names you (the borrower), the lender, and the trustee who legally owned the property on behalf of the lender. With this document you can cut those final strings to make the loan repayment official. A Deed of Reconveyance helps prove that a mortgage has been paid in full, as it it signed by the trustee and notarized and finally filed with the county recorder's office.

Other names for this document: Deed of Release and Reconveyance, Reconveyance of Deed of Trust, Deed of Reconveyance Form

Sample Deed of Reconveyance

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