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Sample Complete Will Form Template
Complete Will Basics

Reviewed by Rocket Lawyer On Call Attorney Christopher B. Johnson, Esq.
You want to protect the people who mean the most, now and always. A Complete Will helps ensure they're taken care of, even when you're gone. By putting your wishes in writing, there's less guesswork and legal hassle for your loved ones. Your Complete Will lets you have a say in how your property and assets are distributed, and documents who you want to take care of your children.

Use the Complete Will document if:

  • You have property, including digital assets, and you want to spell out how it will be distributed after your passing.
  • You want to determine the person(s) or organization(s) that will receive your property after your passing.
  • You want to appoint an executor of your estate to carry out the terms of your Complete Will.
  • You want to appoint the person who will be responsible for your minor children if the other parent is unable to serve as guardian.
  • Digital Assets: This broad category can include any type of online account or files (like songs or documents) stored on computers and servers. Examples of what you can add to your legal will include: email accounts, blogs, social-networking sites, online backup programs, photo and document-sharing sites, financial accounts for personal or business, domain names of web sites, virtual property, and other computer files.

With a Complete Will, you don't have to leave things to chance, or leave it up to the government to decide. A Complete Will is a legal document that sets out how your property, accounts, digital assets, the care of your children and more will be dealt with after your death. When creating your Will, you'll also appoint an executor, a person or organization in charge of implementing the terms set forth in your Will. You can use this Complete Will whether you're married or single, and to appoint a guardian for your minor children, if any.

Note: If you expect to have a large estate over the federal applicable exclusion amount of $5,340,000, contact an attorney to discuss alternative estate planning techniques.

Other names for this document: Last Will and Testament, Legal Will

Sample Complete Will

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This document is sometimes called a Last Will and Testament.

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