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Sample Affidavit of Lost Note Form Template
Affidavit of Lost Note Basics

Even the most careful lender can misplace or lose a lending document. But not all is lost. Creating an Affidavit of Lost Note helps explain all of the details of the original note. You'll want to make the affidavit as soon as you notice the loss. That way, you can look back the new record to help resolve any questions as they arise.

Use the Affidavit of Lost Note document if:

  • The original copy of your note was destroyed, lost, or stolen and you, as Lender, need to furnish satisfactory evidence of the existence of the note.

If you're a lender, you can use an Affidavit of Lost Note to record the loss, theft, or destruction of an original promissory note or lending document. The affidavit allows you to outline the entire agreement from the original note, so that you can protect your interests and responsibilities. You'll want to include information like: the name of the original note, and when it was signed; the name of the debtor; what property was offered as security for the note; the amount and interest rate on the original note; the payment schedule and history of the original; the outstanding balance on the note, as of a given date; and any documentation showing proof of the original note.

Other names for this document: Affidavit of Lost Promissory Note, Affidavit of Missing Note

Sample Affidavit of Lost Note

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