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Find a name that boosts your business

Having a strong business name to go along with your branding before you open for business is critical. You want your happy customers to spread the word. An easy to remember and unique name makes word of mouth and online marketing much easier.

It is costly, especially pre-launch, to hire a designer or marketing consultant to think up your business name and branding. For small business owners, the new wave of generative AI tools are a perfect companion to the AI assistants we’ve all been using for years now. 

Using Rocket Copilot AI, entrepreneurs can get help with finding a business name using the Rocket Copilot AI Business Name Generator, and can even have a custom logo made using the Rocket Copilot AI Logo Maker. Rocket Copilot AI is also free to use.

Rocket Copilot AI to the rescue!

Brainstorming business names can be a real challenge. Using Rocket Copilot AI Business Name Generator can help you find the perfect business name so you can focus on establishing your business. Just enter your industry, describe what your business does, and let Rocket Copilot AI provide a list of options. 

After you find that perfect name, to avoid legal trouble, you’ll want to confirm the name is usable. After all, generative AI can only do so much without a little help from a pro. One of the best ways to find out if a business name is usable is to register as an LLC or corporation, or trademark the name yourself. When you register your business or apply for a trademark, as part of either process, you or your pro conducts a name search. Before you invest in a business name, protecting it to make sure no other business can use it is a smart move. You don’t want there to be any question if a copycat comes along to try to profit off your reputation, success, and hard work. A trademark protects your business by giving you stronger legal rights if another business tries to use your name.

Get your business name and get started!

  1. Register your business.
    Whether you are starting fresh or just rebranding your business, registering as an LLC or corporation provides benefits that small business owners want in place from the very start. With Rocket Legal+, your first business registration is FREE (excluding state fees). 
  2. Trademark your name and logo.
    When you find that business name, or come up with that logo that just fits, protect it. Register your business, then trademark your name and logo to put other businesses on notice that you are asserting trademark rights over your name. Rocket Legal+ members get HALF off trademark registration services.
  3. All the legal documents to run a business.
    When you’re running a business, the right documents make a difference. From contracts for vendors and clients to hiring and workplace policy documents, Rocket Lawyer is here to help you protect your business. And when you have legal, business, or tax questions, reaching out to a Rocket Legal Pro™ is an easy and reliable way to get affordable legal advice.

This article contains general legal information and does not contain legal advice. Rocket Lawyer is not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney or law firm. The law is complex and changes often. For legal advice, please ask a lawyer.

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