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When starting a business, taking the time to develop a brand can help lead to a successful launch. Branding your business starts with coming up with a name and logo. As your business builds its reputation, your brand grows and your name and logo become more recognizable.

Not having a logo is not an option these days. Not using a logo means you are missing an opportunity to leave your mark in your customer or clients’ memories. Logos are a central element when it comes to marketing. A strong logo can capture attention and convey your brand identity. Your logo and branding can also help with social media as customers may want to share selfies, pictures, or videos that feature your cool logo.

Rocket Copilot AI Logo Maker can help you make a splash with your logo.

It’s your business and your team

Remember, your logo isn't just for external audiences. It can also foster a sense of unity and pride for yourself and within your team. When a business has a strong brand, not only are customers and clients attracted to it, but so are workers. A well-branded business name and logo helps when it comes to both attracting customers and top talent. Work is a part of who we all are, and the same is true for anyone your business hires. A strong brand image can help workers identify with and share the same goals and mission of your company.

With Rocket Copilot AI Logo Maker, you can generate different designs to find a logo that captures your vision. When you find the logo you like, you can download it to get started using it. After making your logo, you can get trademark protection with Rocket Lawyer in a few simple steps. 

Let Rocket Copilot AI Logo Maker help you get started!

  1. Register your business.
    When your business name and logo are ready to go, registering as an LLC or corporation can provide valuable benefits for business owners. Rocket Legal+ members get their first business registration FREE (excluding state fees).
  2. Trademark your logo with a pro.
    When you find your logo, protect it. Trademarking your logo puts other businesses throughout the country on notice that your logo is off limits. Unlike trademarking a name, however, protecting a logo can be a little bit more involved. Rocket Legal+ members get HALF off trademark registration services with a Legal Pro.
  3. Get big savings with Rocket Legal+.
    Sign up for Rocket Legal+ to Trademark your logo and name at a steep discount compared to hiring a law firm. In addition to discounts on important business and legal services, Rocket Lawyer provides legal documents and contracts to help you run your business, as well as access to Rocket Legal Pros to answer your tax and legal questions.

This article contains general legal information and does not contain legal advice. Rocket Lawyer is not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney or law firm. The law is complex and changes often. For legal advice, please ask a lawyer.

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