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Other Names: Location Permission Form and Release Film Permit
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What is a Location Release?

Whether you're filming a video, movie, commercial or are a pro photographer, location is key. If you've found the perfect location for your shoot, you will probably need a Location Release; if you need to get permission to shoot from the owner, a Location Release can help secure the site so that you can get the scene you've envisioned. 
With a Location Release you can outline the details of how the location shooting will proceed, such as shooting dates, clean-up responsibilities, potential compensation, and any restrictions that the property owner might request. When the owner signs the Location Release he or she releases his or her rights to the filmed material, so that the filmmaker/videographer retains all rights. You can use a Location Release to help get the ball—or film—rolling.

When to use a Location Release:

  • You want to get permission from an owner to shoot on their property.
  • You own property that's being considered for a film or photography project.
  • You're a location scout and want the right document on hand.
  • You're a producer, director, videographer or photographer.

Sample Location Release

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Location Release


(hereinafter Owner), who resides at , , , hereby grants to , , (hereinafter Producer) and their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, licensees, successors and assigns, permission to access, enter upon and use (either accurately or with such liberties as Producer may deem appropriate) the real and personal property, both exterior and interior of the Premises located at , . (including the name, trademark, signs and identifying features thereof) and the contents thereof and the appurtenances thereto, hereinafter, the Property for the purpose of photographing or recording in connection with . The Property will be made available to the producer hereinafter referred to as the Term. All physical embodiments of filming, recording and photography on the Property shall hereinafter be known as the Materials.


The Producer may place all necessary facilities and equipment on the Property and agree to remove same after completion of work and leave the property in as good of condition as when received. The Producer will use reasonable care to prevent damage to said Property. Producer agrees to hold owner free from any claims for damage or injury arising during producers occupancy of the Property and caused by producers negligence.


The Producer has agreed to pay as rental for use of the Premises during the Term an amount of . All charges shall be payable upon the completion of the use contemplated hereunder. The producer shall not be obliged to pay the fee if no filming or photography actually takes place at the Property.


Owner irrevocably grants to Producer all rights of every kind in and to the Materials including without limitation the right to exploit the Materials throughout the world, in any and all languages, an unlimited number of times, in perpetuity in any and all media, now known or hereafter invented, in and in connection with , or otherwise and for advertising and promotional purposes in connection therewith and all rights, including copyright in the Materials shall be and remain vested in Producer. Producer shall have the perpetual right to edit, dub, subtract from, add to or modify the Materials in any manner, combine the Materials with any other material and/or incorporate it into other films, advertisement, commercials or documentaries.


Owner hereby waives any right of inspection or approval of the appearance of the Property in the Materials, and the uses to which such appearance and/or the Materials may be put. Owner acknowledges that Producer will rely on this permission and this Release potentially at substantial cost to them and Owner hereby agrees that neither Owner, nor any tenant, nor other party now or hereafter having an interest in the Property shall have any right of action against the owner or other Released Parties or any of them or any other party arising out of the production or any use of said Materials whether or not such use is, or may be claimed to be, defamatory, untrue or censorable in nature.


This Agreement is entered into in connection with the Project and includes the right to re-use the photography and or sound and video recordings (or any part thereof) in connection with other projects, movies, television or home video productions as Producer may elect and in connection with the exhibition, advertising and exploitation thereof in any media, now known or unknown and/or any manner whatever at any time in any part of the world in perpetuity.


The owner represents and warrants that the undersigned has all rights and authority to enter into this agreement and to grant the rights granted hereunder. No other authorization is necessary to enable Producer to use the Property for the purposes herein contemplated. In the event that any question arises regarding owners authority to grant the permission and rights herein granted, owner agrees to indemnify producer and hold producer harmless from all claims made against producer as a result of owners breach of the representation of authority contained in this paragraph, including attorney's fees. Owner's signature hereon subsequent to the production of the Materials shall have the same effect as if Owner had signed in advance thereof


Producer is not obligated to actually use the Property or produce the Project or include the Materials in the final Project for which it was shot or otherwise. This is the entire agreement. This Location Agreement and Release shall bind Owner and Owner's personal representatives and/or executors.


Owner's sole remedy for Producer's default hereunder shall be limited to the recovery of monetary damages only, not exceeding the compensation and/or repair amounts set forth in this Agreement, and in no event shall any of the rights acquired or to be acquired by Producer hereunder be affected or impaired. For the avoidance of doubt, in no event will Owner have the right to enjoin the development, production, distribution or exploitation of the Project.


This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of .



By: Date:



By: Date:


Location Release document preview

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