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Other Names: Telecommuting Agreement Remote Work Agreement
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What is a Work from Home Agreement?

A Work From Home Agreement is a policy document that allows employers establish expectations and outline an employee's responsibilities while they are working remotely (i.e. telecommuting, working from home, etc.). 
Allowing an employee to work remotely can be a permanent or temporary agreement between an employer and their employees, and this agreement will include details such as the duration of the work from home period, employee responsibilities, pay and attendance, etc.

When to use a Work from Home Agreement:

  • You are an employer who would like to provide your employees the option to telecommute (i.e. work from home).
  • You are an employer that would like to specify rules employees should follow while working away from the office.

Sample Work from Home Agreement

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THIS (Agreement) is entered into on , by and between of , , , hereinafter (Company), and , , , hereinafter (Employee).



Employee agrees to participate in the telecommuting Program and to the applicable guidelines and policies. Company concurs with the Employee participation and agrees to adhere to the applicable guidelines and policies.


The is subject to the following terms and conditions:



This Agreement shall be valid commencing and ending on . At the end of the term, both parties will participate in a review which can result in the reactivation of the Agreement.


Work Hours

Employee's work hours shall be to .


Pay and Attendance

All pay, leave and travel entitlement shall be based on Employee's primary business location. Employee's time and attendance will be recorded as performing official duties at the primary business location.



Employee must obtain approval before taking leave in accordance with established office procedures.



The Employee will continue to work in pay status while working at the home office. An Employee who works overtime that has been ordered and approved will be entitled to compensation in accordance with applicable law and rules of the Company. The Employee understands that the Company will not accept the result of unapproved overtime work and will discourage such practice. The Employee agrees that failing to obtain prior approval for overtime work may result in removal from the telecommuting program or other appropriate action.


Business Owned Equipment

The Employee shall use the following equipment owned by the Company:


, ,


In order to effectively perform their assigned tasks, Employee may use Company equipment at the telecommuting location with the approval of the Company. The equipment must be protected against damage and unauthorized use. Company owned equipment will be serviced and maintained by Company. Employee shall be responsible for the maintenance of the equipment provided by the Employee. The Employee shall submit a written request if s/he is in need of any additional equipment.



Company will not be liable for damages to the Employee's property that may result from participation in the telecommuting program.



Company will not be responsible for operating costs, home maintenance, or any other incidental cost, whatsoever, associated with the use of Employee's residence. The Employee does not relinquish any entitlement to reimbursement for authorized expenses incurred while conducting business for Company.


Hold Harmless

The Employee agrees to hold the Company harmless for any liability to third parties arising out of the .


Workers Compensation

The Employee is covered under the relevant State Law if injured during performing official duties at the telecommuting location.


Work Assignments

The Employee will meet with as necessary or appropriate to receive work assignments. The Employee will complete all assigned work according to work procedures mutually agreed upon by the Employee and the contact person according to the guidelines and standards provided in the Employee's performance plan.



The Employee's responsibilities include .


Employee Evaluation

The evaluation of the Employee's job performance will be based on norms derived from past performance and occupational standards consistent with these guidelines. For those assignments without precedent or without standards, regular and required progress reporting by the Employee will be used to rate job performance and establish standards. The Employee's most recent performance appraisal must indicate fully achieved standards.



The Employee will apply approved safeguards to protect Company records from unauthorized disclosure or damage. Work done at the telecommuting location is considered Company business. All records, papers, computer files and correspondence must be safeguarded for their return to the primary business location.


Termination of the Agreement

This may be terminated at anytime. Either the Employee or the Company may terminate this Agreement at any time after providing days notice to the other party.


Governing Law

This Agreement shall in all respects be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the .


Attorney Fees

Attorneys fees and court cost shall be paid by the Defendant in the event that judgment must be, and is obtained to enforce this Agreement or any breach thereof.



This Amendment shall be signed on behalf of by , its , and by .






By: Date:







By: Date:


Work from Home Agreement document preview

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