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What is a Shareholder Waiver?

As a shareholder, you own shares in a company but are too busy to attend shareholder meetings. You can cut down on how many emails you get by signing a shareholder waiver. This means you're choosing to not be notified of a specific meeting. Maybe you'll be out of town and want to keep work-related notices to a minimum. Or maybe you just want to save paper. In either case, sign a Shareholder Waiver. 
If you get hard copy notifications of shareholder meetings, and are sick of throwing them away, you should sign a Shareholder Waiver. Or, maybe you already have the entire year's shareholder meetings on your calendar. The company you've invested in is required to notify all shareholders of meeting. It doesn't matter if an annual meeting calendar has already been shared. But if you'd rather keep notifications to a minimum, you can opt out. A Shareholder Waiver can give you the power to say, "No thanks," for shareholder meetings.

When to use a Shareholder Waiver:

  • You are a shareholder of a company and would live to waive your right to receive notice for a particular meeting.

Sample Shareholder Waiver

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Shareholder Waiver






I , the holder of shares of stock of , do hereby agree and consent that the annual meeting of the shareholders of the Corporation be held on at at , and do hereby waive all notice whatsoever of such meeting and of any adjournment or adjournments thereof.


I do further agree and consent that any and all lawful business may be transacted at such meeting or at any adjournment or adjournments thereof as may be deemed advisable by any shareholder present thereat. Any business transacted at such meeting or at any adjournment or adjournments thereof shall be as valid and legal and of the same force and effect as if such meeting or adjourned meeting were held after notice.















Shareholder Waiver document preview

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