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What is a Contract Amendment?

When an agreement changes, it's always a smart idea to document it in writing. A Contract Amendment helps you adjust certain provisions of a contract, without revoking the entire original agreement. Using a Contract Amendment saves you time because you don't have to start from scratch. It also keeps things from getting confusing later on when potential questions come up about an out-of-date contract.

When to use a Contract Amendment:

  • You want to change one or more provisions of a contract or agreement that has already been signed and is in effect.

Sample Contract Amendment

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Amendment to



As of , the contract entitled between the following parties:



"" in the original contract will be amended to read as follows:



"" in the original contract will be deleted.


"" will be added to the original contract, and will read as follows:



These changes are the only changes to the original contract. The entire remainder of the original contract remains in full force. This Amendment shall be effective once signed by both all parties.


This Amendment shall be signed by the following:






By:   Date:  






By:   Date:  






By:   Date:  





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The Agreement can be signed online. It becomes effective as of the date specified in the Agreement.


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Important Details


Multiple amendments should be avoided, especially if one amendment amends a prior amendment. Instead, a single amendment should be prepared which restates and revokes all prior amendments.


Contract Amendment FAQs

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  • How do you write a Contract Amendment?

    A Contract Amendment is simple to make online. Once you've answered some questions, Rocket Lawyer will build your document for you. Think about the following questions before starting your Contract Amendment to make the process faster and easier:

    • What is the name of the original contract or agreement that is being amended?
    • What kinds of changes are being made to the original contract?
    • What section or provision will be edited, added, or deleted in the amended contract?
    • What will be the effective date of this amendment?

    If you've started your Contract Amendment and find that you don't have all the information you need, you can save the document and finish it later.

  • What is an amendment to a Real Estate Contract?

    An amendment to a Real Estate Contract will allow you to change the basic terms in a contract for the purchase of real property after it has been signed and finalized.

  • What is it called when you make changes to a contract?

    When you make changes to a contract, you can call it a Contract Amendment or Contract Modification.

  • What is the difference between a Contract Amendment and a Contract Modification?

    A contract amendment can also be called a contract modification. They are basically the same thing.

Contract Amendment document preview

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