COBRA Insurance: What is COBRA and How Does It Work?

cobra insurance

Many American workers have been laid off as a result of non-essential businesses having to close or reduce operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While unemployment benefits have been expanded […]

Severance Pay: Severance Package Legal Answers

severance pay

Ever since the global COVID-19 pandemic began making its way across the United States, employers and employees have been asking more questions about employment contracts, unemployment benefits, and severance packages. […]

How to Break a Contract Legally

how to break a contract legally

The global COVID-19 pandemic and resulting social distancing regulations have changed nearly every aspect of people’s lives. Most notably, certain activities involving human contact are either discouraged or banned outright. […]

Termination Checklist: Offboarding Employees Legally


Terminating employees within the usual course of business is rarely pleasant. But the additional stresses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are forcing many businesses to engage in layoffs, sometimes even […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Partner Offers


As part of our effort to help during the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve teamed up with partners across the country to offer free and reduced-price services and products to businesses affected […]

Hiring during COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place: Legal Best Practices

hiring during coronavirus shelter in place

While many companies are reducing staff due to the coronavirus pandemic, others are continuing to hire. While you shouldn’t meet face-to-face, you may have additional questions about screening and interviewing […]

Webinar: Employment Law and COVID-19 for Small Business

employment law webinar

If you are the owner or HR leader of a small business affected by COVID-19, it’s important to arm yourself with employment law and workplace policy best practices. To answer […]

Business Continuity: A Legal Take for People Leaders

business continuity hr

As millions of Americans figure out how to safely navigate the workplace or continue working from home, often while juggling their children’s education and other priorities, the concept of business […]

New FFCRA Poster Required by the Department of Labor

ffcra poster

As new laws are being passed to support and protect businesses and their employees during the coronavirus pandemic, it is important that you stay legally compliant as an employer.  In […]

Force Majeure and COVID-19: The “Act of God” Contract Clause

force majeure clause

Careful contract drafting can save a company’s future when an “act of God” or other extraordinary circumstance, like the COVID-19 pandemic, makes performance impossible. A force majeure contract clause, specifically, […]

Furlough vs. Layoffs or Reduction in Force: Key Legal Differences

furlough vs layoffs

As non-essential businesses remain closed and customers stay at home, many employers are facing tough decisions as they struggle to make payroll. If you are a business owner or manager […]

Furlough Back Pay & Notice Requirements: Employee Rights

furlough employee rights

If you find yourself among the millions of Americans out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic, you might have questions about your rights. If you have been placed on […]