7 business lessons we learned from The Blacklist

business lessons by the blacklist

Primetime T.V. Shows are back, and The Blacklist is one of our favorites. To celebrate the beginning of a new season, we shared Red Reddington’s business lessons we’ve learned.

Landlord and tenant responsibilities

landlord responsibilities

Understanding landlord responsibilities and legal duties can help make sure you avoid legal issues that may arise in the future, with your property or your tenants.

Renting on AirBnB? Vacation rental agreement

vacation rental agreement

Renting out your vacation home has become popular thanks to sites like AirBnb, but are you doing everything you can to protect your property? You need a vacation rental agreement to make sure things are clear between you and your guests.

Landlords: Should you consider incorporating?

benefits of incorporation for landlords

As a landlord you’re running a business, have you consider giving some formality to this venture? Take a look at our incorporation for landlords guide and learn how to do it and what benefits this will bring.

Tips for being a great landlord

how to be a great landlord

We have met amazing landlords and a few not-so-great-ones, we are sharing some tips for renters and owners and how to be a great landlord, keep your tenants happy and have a great business.

Is a premium membership right for me?

Is a premium membership right for me? - whats-on-your-premium-membership-1424298397478-4bd87a6a0f0c.jpg

Learn more about Rocket Lawyer different plans and memberships and pick the right one for you and your legal needs.

Try Rocket Lawyer risk-free for seven days

Try Rocket Lawyer risk-free for seven days - sign-up-trial-c-1.jpg

If you’re still undecided about whether Rocket Lawyer is right for you, why not take advantage of our free trial? It’s a free, easy way to see how we can help.

Small business loan vs. business credit card: which is better?

Small business loan vs. business credit card: which is better? - credit-vs-loan-c.jpg

If you’re a small business owner deciding what’s the best option for financing, we partnered with Nerdwallet to find the best practices regarding this decision. Choosing between a small business loan or a business credit card for financing is largely determined by your business needs.

Member spotlight: Brian

Member spotlight: Brian - rl-bus-cust-brian-h-crop-2-c.jpg

Meet Brian, a technology lover and entrepreneur. Having joined Rocket Lawyer to create his divorce documents, he turned to us again to file incorporation papers for his new business: Crestline Technologies.

How business credit really works

How business credit really works - business-credit-1.jpg

Having strong business credit is the key to securing a small business loan. Here’s what you need to know about building your business credit.

Member Spotlight: Carchick

Member Spotlight: Carchick - Rocket-Lawyer-Customer-Carchick-2-c-1.jpg

Read the story of how Rocket Lawyer member, Rebekah, discovered her entrepreneurial spirit as the owner of a successful car repair shop and a landlord.

Member Spotlight: Well Woman

Member Spotlight: Well Woman - RL_Bus-Cust_Phyllis_Timoll-resize-1.jpg

Phyllis Well Woman San Francisco, CA Member since January 2013 Services used: Incorporation (LLC), Business Contract, LLC Operating Agreement, Corporate Minutes, Statement of Information, Document Review When Phyllis became a mom three years ago, she was […]