Is a premium membership right for me?

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Learn more about Rocket Lawyer different plans and memberships and pick the right one for you and your legal needs.

Try Rocket Lawyer risk-free for seven days

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If you’re still undecided about whether Rocket Lawyer is right for you, why not take advantage of our free trial? It’s a free, easy way to see how we can help.

Small business loan vs. business credit card: which is better?

Small business loan vs. business credit card: which is better? - credit-vs-loan-c.jpg

If you’re a small business owner deciding what’s the best option for financing, we partnered with Nerdwallet to find the best practices regarding this decision. Choosing between a small business loan or a business credit card for financing is largely determined by your business needs.

Member spotlight: Brian

Member spotlight: Brian - rl-bus-cust-brian-h-crop-2-c.jpg

Meet Brian, a technology lover and entrepreneur. Having joined Rocket Lawyer to create his divorce documents, he turned to us again to file incorporation papers for his new business: Crestline Technologies.

How business credit really works

How business credit really works - business-credit-1.jpg

Having strong business credit is the key to securing a small business loan. Here’s what you need to know about building your business credit.

Member Spotlight: Carchick

Member Spotlight: Carchick - Rocket-Lawyer-Customer-Carchick-2-c-1.jpg

Read the story of how Rocket Lawyer member, Rebekah, discovered her entrepreneurial spirit as the owner of a successful car repair shop and a landlord.

Member Spotlight: Well Woman

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Phyllis Well Woman San Francisco, CA Member since January 2013 Services used: Incorporation (LLC), Business Contract, LLC Operating Agreement, Corporate Minutes, Statement of Information, Document Review When Phyllis became a mom three years ago, she was […]

IRS scam calls: Small business owners beware

IRS Scam Calls: Small Business Owners Beware - irs-scam-call-4-c.jpg

Like many Rocket Lawyer members, I am a small business owner. This year was my first time paying federal and state taxes for my small business. Having been a W-2 […]

Member Spotlight: Michelle, SF landlord

Michelle-Landlord-RL-2300-c.jpg - Michelle-Landlord-RL-2300-c.jpg

Michelle Landlord San Francisco, CA Member for 2 years Services used: HIPAA Authorization Form, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Trust, Home Rental Agreement, Rental Application, Activity Release of Liability, Quit […]

5 things every small business owner needs to know about taxes

5-things-need-to-know-taxes.png - 5-things-need-to-know-taxes.png

Running a business is challenging, and business owners often have to wear many hats. And although it’s human nature to put off the most difficult tasks—that would be a huge […]

Member Spotlight: Go Nimbly

Nimbly-84_RL-Bus-Tech_Cust-flip-cropped-1-c.jpg - Nimbly-84_RL-Bus-Tech_Cust-flip-cropped-1-c.jpg

Go Nimbly San Francisco, CA Member for 2 years Services used: LLC Operating Agreement, Consulting Agreement, Ask a Lawyer Several years ago, Go Nimbly co-founders Jason and Troy worked for a large […]

Charley Moore Speaks at 2016 SaaStr Annual

Charley Moore Speaks at 2016 SaaStr Annual - SaaStr2-crop-c.jpg

On February 9, 2016, Charley spoke at the 2016 SaaStr Annual conference  in San Francisco about what it’s like to grow from a startup to over 100,000 subscribers. He talked […]