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Legal Name Change

Whether you want to change your name because of a marriage, divorce, adoption or other major life event, there's a legal process to follow. We'll guide you through your legal name change so that you can get back to enjoying life with this refreshing new change officially on the books.

Each state has its own process for legal name change, but for the most part it involves filling out several specific forms and then filing them with the courts. Unless your name was changed directly on your marriage or divorce documents, you'll basically be petitioning the government for your legal name change, listing your reasons and the new name you'd like to have going forward. It's something you can do yourself, but if you've got more detailed questions you can always speak with an attorney.

Below you'll find a series of links to articles explaining the legal name change process in several states. If that doesn't answer your questions and you'd like to find a lawyer, we'd be happy to connect you with one in your area.