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Buying and Selling a Car

Next to a home sale, buying and selling a car is one of your biggest financial transactions, which is why certain laws are in place to make sure that individuals on both sides of the deal are protected. Whether you're looking to pass along your vehicle to another driver or buy one for yourself, we're here to help you cover all the bases.

Basically, you want to make sure that you've got all your car buying and selling paperwork in order. Much of this--transferring the title, etc.--can be done at the DMV, but when you're handling the transaction on your own, a vehicle bill of sale can help keep everyone on the same page about the vehicle. Every state has different laws in place about buying and selling a car, so before you place an ad or put a "for sale sign" in your car window, you might want to check your state government website for the details.

Below you'll find a few articles that can help you navigate some common automobile buying and selling situations, like how lemon laws can protect you from an unfortunate purchase. And if we can help you find an attorney to help answer your car sale transaction questions, please let us know.