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Bill of Sale

While a bill of sale is fairly straightforward document, there are a few things you should when you're considering starting a bill of sale. First, know what it is you're planning on selling; you can sell nearly anything with a bill of sale, so long as it isn't property (such as an apartment complex or your house). Next, if you're selling a vehicle, you want to make sure to use a vehicle-specific document, such as our car bill of sale or boat bill of sale. The reason is that for automobiles and other vehicles, there are special provisions you'll need to fill out, such as noting your odometer reading or entering a valid vehicle identification number (or VIN).

We have all the information you need to know before completing a bill of sale. Whether you want to learn common mistakes to avoid, what a conditional bill of sale is, or even just look at a bill of sale example, we've got you covered.