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Protect your business name and logos.
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Register Your Trademark


Protect Your Company

We'll do a trademark search and make sure you can protect your company and what makes it unique.


Consult with an Expert

An experienced trademark attorney will work with you to create a strategy and help you register with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


Build a Brand

Your trademark registration legally protects your company name and logo so no one else can claim it.

Our Promise


If you're not completely satisfied with your order, we'll refund all Rocket Lawyer fees.

Why file your Trademark with Rocket Lawyer?

Business protection

Whether you need a service mark or a trademark, we do the research on existing marks and make it easy to file and keep your unique ideas secure & protected.

Custom Packages

We can tailor Trademark Packages to suite your needs - from a Basic Package that covers all the required bases to a Comprehensive Package that includes Trademark Attorney consultation and priority processing.

Experienced attorneys

Experienced Trademark Attorneys make it easy to file your trademark and protect your assets. We serve thousands of growing businesses and help them protect their most valuable assets.

Brand Protection

Filing your trademark registration ensures your company name and logo are legally protected. We make sure everything is filed properly so your brand is secure.

Trademark Transfer

If you need to transfer a trademark, we have the trademark transfer agreement you’ll need to make that happen, and we’ll ensure it’s written and filed properly.

Priority Processing

For fast filing needs, we can quickly do the trademark search, get all your documents in order and file your trademark registration on an expedited basis.

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