Statement of Information

Initial and Annual Reports are required by most states to maintain compliance.
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Statement of Information (aka Initial Report or Annual Report)


Stay Compliant

Most states mandate that businesses file regular Statements of Information. We can help determine what you need to file and take care of the filing for you.


Avoid Penalties

Avoid penalties by staying in good standing if a Statement of Information is required in your state.


Simple & Affordable

Rocket Lawyer helps thousands of small businesses take care of their filings needs fast and affordably.

Our Promise


If you're not completely satisfied with your Statement of Information, we'll give you a full refund.

Why get a Statement of Information with Rocket Lawyer?

Business compliance

If your state requires a Statement of Information, it needs to be filed quickly. We can tell you how much time you have to get this filed in your state.

Maintain Good Standing

Filing your Statement of Information keeps your company in good standing. Not filing can result in a business being suspended and losing the right to use the entity name.

Avoid Penalties

In states where a Statement of Information is required, if it's not filed on time, the state may assess penalty fees and send a notice of delinquency.

Easy to file

If you don't have all your officers, directors or members determined yet, you can still file your Statement of Information, then make updates when you file your Annual Report next year.

Registered Agent updates

If the name or address of your Registered Agent changes, you'll need to file a Statement of Information to get those updates on record.

Experienced lawyers

Our business attorneys make it simple and easy to file your Statement of Information and any other business documents. We serve thousands of growing businesses in every state.

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