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It’s never too late to file, amend, or pay back taxes. We can help today!

File Confidently™ with a pro

Need legal support? Join Rocket Legal+ to speak with a tax attorney!

With Rocket Tax, taxes aren’t taxing

Just hand off your tax documents, RocketSign®, and done.

Fast & easy

Sign and upload documents in minutes on your phone, and get your taxes done fast — 7 days, on average.

Attorney expertise

Does your tax situation require legal guidance? Our network attorneys can share all the ins and outs.

Pro guidance

Book a one-on-one strategy session with your tax pro, who understands your needs and can help you save money.

Half off!

Did we mention Rocket Legal+ members get HALF OFF? Upgrade now or join today and start saving!

Rocket Tax costs less than your average CPA firm*

Plus, Rocket Legal+ members get half off tax attorney support and so much more.

Members get HALF OFF See all benefits


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Individuals or couples filing jointly

  • CPA or EA prepares your entire return from start to finish
  • Get your filing status analyzed to maximize tax benefits
  • Federal and state included
  • Request an extension at no charge

Personal Premier

Starting at


Investors, landlords, freelancers, single-member LLCs

  • CPA or EA prepares your entire return from start to finish
  • Business activity review to ensure maximum tax benefits
  • Federal and state included
  • Year-end bookkeeping available
  • Request an extension at no charge


Starting at


C-Corps, S-Corps, Partnerships, Trust/Estates and Nonprofits

  • CPA or EA prepares your entire return from start to finish
  • Work with your pro to find additional tax benefits
  • Advice on how to structure your business to maximize tax benefits
  • Federal and state included
  • Year-end bookkeeping available
  • Request an extension at no charge

Get matched with the right pro

Tax pros are as unique as you are. We’ll find one who knows what you need and assign them specifically to your return. Tax pros are also real, US-based CPAs and EAs with all the credentials you trust.

Save with strategic tax planning

New this year: one-on-one tax strategy sessions with your pro. With bonus access to their money-saving expertise, you can maximize this year’s deductions and credits — plus, learn what you can do now to protect your future income.

Access to tax attorneys

Ever wondered about IRS rules and regulations? You're not alone. Luckily, our tax attorneys know it all so you don't have to. Take advantage of their legal expertise for audit help, tax disputes, estate planning, and more.

Even pros go with a pro

Shark Tank star Daymond John knows the value of hiring a tax pro — and he’s partnered with Rocket Lawyer to spread the word. Save time and avoid errors with a Rocket Tax pro.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does Rocket Tax work?

    With Rocket Tax, you’ll start by answering a few quick questions about your situation so we can match you with the right tax pro. Once you’ve got your tax pro, you can hand off your documents and they’ll take care of the rest.

    When your return is ready, just review, RocketSign and you’re done!

    Have questions about your tax situation, documents or completed return? Send a message to your tax pro anytime.

  • How is the tax strategy session different from my Rocket Tax package?

    With Rocket Tax, your dedicated pro is available via chat to answer any questions and get your taxes filed. A tax strategy session is a one-on-one 30-minute phone call that gives you more time to maximize deductions and plan ahead to uncover strategic savings for future tax returns.

  • Which business types does Rocket Tax support?

    We file business taxes for every type of business and industry in all 50 states. Whether your business is a side hustle, single member LLC, or a corporation with multiple employees, we connect you with a tax pro who understands your unique needs and can help both you and your business benefit from all the latest tax laws.

    Some businesses may not need to file business taxes at all -- they might only need to file self-employed taxes. Whatever your situation is, we provide guidance to help you understand which package is right for you, or you can talk it through with one of our tax specialists at (888) 627-1186.

  • How much can I save with Rocket Tax?

    *According to a 2023 study by the National Association of Tax Professionals, the average cost for individual and business returns is $248 and $604 respectively. With a Rocket Legal+ membership, Rocket Tax costs $199.99 for individual returns and $499.99 for business returns.

  • How much can businesses save with Rocket Legal+?

    Businesses can save up to $2,500 per year with a Rocket Legal+™ membership. This calculation is based on total savings on an initial business formation and registered agent, trademark, and business tax filing services for Rocket Legal+ members (a total cost of $924.97) compared to Rocket Legal members (a total cost of $1,949.96). This is in addition to savings on the average cost of 5 hours for document preparation by a non-Rocket Lawyer network attorney at the average attorney hourly rate in the U.S. of $300 (an estimated cost of $1,500 when purchased without any form of Rocket Lawyer membership) compared to unlimited use of customizable business documents for both Rocket Legal+ and Rocket Legal members at no extra cost.

  • Do you file personal tax returns?

    Absolutely! A tax pro can prepare your personal taxes, self-employed taxes, or business taxes. They can also file back taxes or amended returns for multiple years if that’s what you need. Simply tell us what you need, and we’ll put together a custom tax package just for you. Get started now.

  • Can I file for multiple tax years?

    Yes, whether you’re filing back taxes or amending a return, we’ll match you with a tax pro who can get your past returns filed with the IRS and any states you need.

  • Do I have to use special tax software?

    Nope! You will work with a licensed tax professional who will do all the heavy lifting—without any DIY tax software. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions to get started, add your tax documents, and RocketSign. Your tax pro does the rest.

  • Do you offer audit protection?

    Audit protection is available for personal returns, including self-employed, and will cover you for up to 3 years after filing. With optional audit protection, in the event of an audit by the IRS or any other US tax authority, you will be reconnected with your tax pro for further consultation. As long as the audit does not arise from any willful or fraudulent omissions or inclusions made by you, the tax pro will provide advice and represent you with the IRS or state tax entity at no extra charge.

  • I have Rocket Lawyer as a benefit through my work. Do I get half off Rocket Tax?

    Definitely! If you have a Rocket Lawyer membership as a legal benefit through work, you get half off Rocket Tax. 

    If you haven’t already, start by activating your free membership. Check your benefits portal for your company’s unique sign-up link, or ask your HR representative. After you’ve activated your free membership (or if you’ve already activated it), simply sign in and your discount will be applied automatically at checkout.

    Need help with your legal benefits membership? Reach out to us any time at

  • Can I see the final cost before I commit?

    Yes, after answering a few quick questions, we’ll put together a custom tax package just for you. You’ll have a chance to review the final cost before checking out.

  • Who are the tax pros and how are they vetted?

    Tax pros are local, US-based CPAs and EAs with a minimum of 5 years of experience and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars for completed jobs.

    During the recruitment process, each tax pro’s experience and specialties are reviewed to understand which types of customers they’d be the best fit for, as well as make sure they can take on all types of tax situations. Tax pros are also required to undergo a background check, as well as provide compliance documents to verify their credentials including a government-issued ID, updated resume, proof of Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN), proof of Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN), and a copy of their EA license (if applicable).

    If at any time you’re not satisfied with your tax pro, you can request a reassignment for any reason, no questions asked! And, in the unlikely event your tax pro makes an error, they will correct it at no additional cost, provided the mistake was not due to your own omission or error.

  • How long will it take for you to file my tax return?

    The standard delivery time is 7 days after receiving your tax documents. Need a faster turnaround? For an additional cost your taxes can be ready to sign in as little as one day!

    Talk to a tax specialist about our 1-day and 2-day expedited options now (888) 627-1186.

  • When will I get my refund?

    For the fastest refunds, the IRS recommends that you choose “direct deposit” which means your refund will be sent electronically into your financial account. Otherwise, refunds are issued by the IRS on their timeline. The good news is, the faster you file, the faster you’ll get a refund—with a 7-day average turnaround, it doesn’t get much faster than Rocket Tax!

  • How will I be notified of updates about my taxes?

    Once you’re a Rocket Tax customer, you will receive notifications by email throughout your filing journey, including when you’re matched with your tax pro, any time your tax pro messages you, when it’s time to RocketSign your tax return, and when your tax return has been filed. 

    When customizing your tax package, you can also sign up for text message alerts. Or get the Rocket Lawyer mobile app for push notifications. Download it today!

  • What happens if I miss the IRS filing deadline?

    If your taxes are in-progress close to the filing deadline, your tax pro will offer to file an extension for you at no additional cost. Just remember, an extension to file is not an extension to pay—if you owe taxes, you still need to pay by the deadline.

    As a reminder, April 15, 2024 for personal taxes and March 15 OR April 15, 2024 for business taxes, depending on the type of business.

    If you didn’t pay your taxes and need to catch up, we can also help you file back taxes and get caught up.

    To understand your filing deadlines, ask your tax pro or talk to one of our tax specialists at (888) 627-1186.

  • How do free extensions work?

    In order to file a free extension on your behalf, your tax pro will need a few pieces of basic information for you as well as your spouse (if filing jointly) or your business (if filing business taxes). After receiving your info, your tax pro will prepare the extension and ask you to RocketSign. If you are close to the tax deadline, be sure to respond to your tax pro in a timely manner to give the tax pro as much time as possible to get your extension filed before the deadline.

  • When is the deadline to file a tax extension?

    When working with a Rocket Tax Pro, you must begin your filing by April 12th to guarantee that your extension will be filed by the April 15th deadline. If you purchase Rocket Tax after April 12th, our pros will still make every effort to file your extension on time, but that cannot be guaranteed.

  • What types of expedited services do you offer?

    For an additional cost your taxes can be ready to sign in as little as one day! Expedited filing services are available until March 8 to meet the March 15 deadline or April 10th to meet the April 18th deadline.

    Talk to a tax specialist today about our 1-day and 2-day expedited options (888) 458-0974.

  • I live in an area that suffered a natural disaster. Can I get a 2023 tax extension?

    The IRS recognizes the devastating impact of tornadoes, floods, wildfires, and other natural disasters — and as such has put special rules in place for businesses and individuals living in impacted areas. Refer to our article to see if you may be eligible for extended tax deadlines due to a natural disaster in your area.