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A simple way to keep your business legally compliant.
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Rocket Lawyer Registered Agents



Most states require that every business have a Registered Agent to receive important legal and tax notifications. Without one, you could suffer penalties or be prohibited from doing business.



Rocket Lawyer Registered Agents are available in all 50 states as a point of contact for your business so you can be certain that official government documents are not missed or lost.



Your Registered Agent's address will be used for public records so your personal business address can remain private and you can avoid unwanted third-party solicitations.

Our Promise


If you're not completely satisfied with your Registered Agent, we'll give you a full refund.

Why get a Rocket Lawyer Registered Agent?

Official point of contact

States require an official contact for every business. A Registered Agent is the official point of contact for your business.

Easy, online organization

You're busy keeping track of a lot - Rocket Lawyer Registered Agent service keeps your legal notices online and easily accessible.

Fast email notifications

Official documents are scanned and emailed to you to help ensure you never miss receiving important legal notifications.

Business compliance

Without a Registered Agent, you could be prohibited from doing business and possibly subject to financial penalties.

Reputation protection

Your Registered Agent receives and notifies you of any service of process so customers never see any potential subpoenas or complaints.

Experienced professionals

Our agents in all 50 states have been providing Registered Agent services for years to thousands of growing businesses.

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