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Sample Trademark License Agreement Form Template
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Trademark License Agreement basics

So you want to use someone else's trademark. A Trademark License Agreement is in order. Or maybe you own a trademark and you want to make sure you get properly compensated with royalty payments if you let someone else use it. A Trademark License Agreement helps you establish the rules.

Use the Trademark License Agreement document if:

  • You own rights to a trademark and want to give license to another party to use it.
  • You wish to acquire the right to use a trademark owned by another party.

Most of us know that you can't just use a trademarked product without asking. With a Trademark License Agreement, you can get permission to do so. Maybe the owner will want a royalty payment in return. Maybe not. But you need to figure out the terms before you start using it. After all, this is why the trademark was created in the first place. And if you're the owner? You need to make sure you get fairly compensated - and you define just what fair means. A Trademark License Agreement can help you nail down the terms so that everyone's happy.

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Sample Trademark License Agreement

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create a Trademark License Agreement.

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