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Sample Special Power of Attorney Form Template
Special Power of Attorney Basics

It's always good to have a back-up plan. A Special Power of Attorney allows you to authorize someone trusted to make major decisions when you are not around or unavailable. If you need to leave your children or go in for major surgery, a Special Power of Attorney can help you breathe easy knowing your loved ones and/or business are looked after.

Use the Special Power of Attorney document if:

  • You need to appoint someone to handle certain financial and legal issues in your absence.
  • You need to temporarily appoint someone to act on your behalf while you're traveling, on active military duty, or otherwise unavailable.
  • You need someone to act on your behalf if you become ill.

A Special Power of Attorney (POA) is most often used to protect you, your children or your business. With a Special POA, you can tailor your Agent's authority to act on your behalf in a specific situation. For example, you may authorize your spouse to keep you on or take you off life-support should you become seriously injured or ill. You may use it to allow a family member to care for your children when you are gone on a trip. Or, you can give a business partner the right to make company financial decisions in your absence. There are no "joint" POAs, so it is important to create a Special POA for each person if needed.

Sample Special Power of Attorney

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This document is sometimes called a General Power of Attorney.

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