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Sample Roommate Release Agreement Form Template
Roommate Release Agreement Basics

If you need to move out of a rental property before your current lease ends, a Roommate Release Agreement establishes that your roommate(s) will take on your responsibilities and liabilities under the lease. This includes your obligation to pay rent and maintain the condition of the property. A Roommate Release Agreement makes the new arrangement clear to all the parties, including the landlord.

Use the Roommate Release Agreement document if:

  • You are moving out and your roommate(s) has agreed to take over your payments and responsibility for the property.

Sample Roommate Release Agreement

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If you've signed a lease with roommates, you have specific legal responsibilities. A Roommate Release Agreement releases one tenant from those responsibilities, in writing. This document specifies that the remaining roommates will take over the rent and other responsibilities of the departing roommate. If you are currently under a lease or rental agreement, the Roommate Release Agreement will also require approval by the landlord. Make sure to check your lease or rental agreement for any specific instructions on how to properly handle the situation. Alternatively, if a roommate is replaced with a new tenant, a Sublease Agreement may be another option.

Other names for this document: Roommate Release Form

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