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Sample Refuse Organ Donation Form Form Template
Refuse Organ Donation Form Basics

A Refuse Organ Donation Form helps ensure that your wishes are respected after you pass. There are many reasons why you could want to prevent your organs from being donated but the decision should probably be in writing. A Refuse Organ Donation Form helps you formally document your requests.

Use the Refuse Organ Donation Form document if:

  • You don't want your organs or tissue donated when you pass.
  • You want to revoke a past desire to donate organs or tissues.
  • You want to provide written proof of your wishes.

It can be important to openly discuss post-mortem plans with your family and loved ones. A Refuse Organ Donation Form can help document those plans in an official capacity. Deciding whether or not to donate your organs and tissue is an important decision - and you're well within your rights to refuse. If you've already decided you don't want to donate, talk to your family and give them a formal copy of your wishes. Having everything in writing makes the matter simple for your family and helps ensure your wishes are clear and understood. Having a Refuse Organ Donation Form is a great start to making your decision official.

Other names for this document: Refusal to Donate Organs Form, Opt Out of Organ Donation Form

Sample Refuse Organ Donation Form

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