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Sample Mechanic's Lien Form Template
Mechanic's Lien Basics

If you're a mechanic and are working on a project, and want to help ensure that you'll be paid regardless of the status of the property, you can use a Mechanic's Lien. A lien helps prevent the property owner from selling the property you've worked on without first paying you, the lienholder. If you are a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier who was hired for a project, you may be able to use the lien retroactively, depending on the laws of the particular state you are working in.

Use the Mechanic's Lien document if:

  • You worked on someone's property and haven't been paid.
  • You're a regular mechanical contractor, subcontractor, or supplier.

A Mechanic's Lien is a measure you can take, as a mechanic, to help protect your financial interests. In addition to filling out the document, the lien should be recorded with the County Recorder or Clerk in the county where the property you're working on, or worked on, is located. (If it is not recorded, you may not be able to recoup the money that is owed you if the property is sold). As a Mechanic's Lien differs state by state, you should prepare your document with care; there may also be additional forms to fill out prior to filing the document.

Other names for this document: Mechanic's Lien Form, Laborer's Lien, Contractor's Lien

Sample Mechanic's Lien

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