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Sample LGBT Power of Attorney Form Template
LGBT Power of Attorney Basics

An LGBT Power of Attorney (also known as a POA) can help preserve your rights by legally appointing someone to act on your behalf. If you were to be incapacitated, or otherwise unable to make important decisions, appointing your same-sex partner or legal spouse as your attorney in fact could prevent unnecessary issues from occurring and ensure you have someone to act in your place. An LGBT Power of Attorney names someone to take action for you in an official capacity.

Use the LGBT Power of Attorney document if:

  • You want to provide authority for someone to act on your behalf during any scheduled or unplanned absence.
  • You want to provide authority for someone to act on your behalf in case you become incapacitated through an illness, accident, or other emergency.

An LGBT Power of Attorney helps protect your interests if you need someone to act in your stead. This document can also protect your rights as a couple. States can often use a very narrow definition of family and this can bar your significant other from being able to help in important decisions that involve you both. Be it medical care decisions, oversight of your personal finances and property, or the ability to sign legal documents - you want someone you trust to handle these issues when you can't.

If you have specific concerns, you can define the scope of authority you're designated attorney in fact will have. You can create a durable power of attorney that persists through sudden incapacity or death, limit your grant of authority to specific areas such as health care, or name a second person to act for you if your first choice can't. You are also free to make revisions to your LGBT Power of Attorney or completely revoke it if you choose. An LGBT Power of Attorney can authorize someone to make important decisions for you in the event you're unable to make them yourself.

Other names for this document: LGBT POA, Durable Power of Attorney, Letter of Attorney

Sample LGBT Power of Attorney

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create an LGBT Power of Attorney.

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This document is sometimes called a Durable Power of Attorney.

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