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Sample Horse Bill of Sale Form Template
Horse Bill of Sale Basics

If you're buying or selling a horse, it may be helpful to put the purchase agreement in writing. A Bill of Sale is a contract for the sale of personal property, in your case, a horse. A complete Bill of Sale will take into consideration the different options when buying or selling the animal, such as registry papers, vet bills, price and of course, transfer of ownership.

Use the Horse Bill of Sale document if:

  • You're buying or selling a horse and want to put the contract in writing.
  • You're planning to buy or sell a horse and want to see what kind of preparations need to be considered.
  • You're giving a horse away or receiving a horse as a gift.

By putting these decisions in writing, you'll protect your investment in the horse and have a defined understanding of your rights and responsibilities, whether you're buying it or selling the horse. A Bill of Sale can also be used to document the ownership transaction for legal or tax purposes if the horse is being given away for free.

Other names for this document: Horse Purchase Agreement, Bill of Sale for Horse

Sample Horse Bill of Sale

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