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Sample Eviction Process Worksheet Form Template
Eviction Process Worksheet Basics

If you're a landlord, evicting a tenant is sometimes necessary. You can use an Eviction Process Worksheet to help make the process easier. With this document you can gather the necessary information so that you can evict a tenant while helping ensure that that both your rights, and his or her rights, are protected.

Use the Eviction Process Worksheet document if:

  • You need to evict a tenant.
  • A tenant hasn't been following the rental agreement, and you think an eviction might be coming up.
  • You're a property manager.
  • You regularly lease properties and want to be prepared for possible evictions.

An Eviction Process Worksheet helps you get the eviction process started the right way.It provides a checklist of things to do, and items to review, when you are preparing to evict a tenant, and can cover a range of different scenarios. You can compile information which can include the following: a review of the lease provisions; violations of the rental agreement; the amount of unpaid rent; the number of days that the tenant has stayed in the rental property beyond the end of the lease; receipts regarding clean-up costs of the rental property; the amount of damage to the rental property; a list of photographs of the damages; estimates concerning the repair of the damages; a list of witnesses who have knowledge of an incident that is cause for eviction; and a list of written statements or recorded statements from potential witnesses.

Other names for this document: Eviction Procedure Worksheet, Removal Process Worksheet

Sample Eviction Process Worksheet

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