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Employee Drug Testing Consent Form

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Sample Employee Drug Testing Consent Form Form Template
Employee Drug Testing Consent Form Basics

Employee Drug Testing Consent Form is a legal document that can help protect you, the employer, from possible legal liability. You can use an Employee Drug Testing Consent Form to get consent from an employee to conduct a drug test on him or her, and help protect yourself from possible lawsuits and criminal charges.

Use the Employee Drug Testing Consent Form document if:

  • An employee was injured or in an accident on the job, and you want to test one or multiple employees for drugs.
  • You're planning on drug testing your employees.
  • You're in HR and need to make sure you have the right forms available if you need to conduct a drug test on one or multiple employees.

The Employee Drug Testing Consent Form should be used before a drug test, typically administered if a workplace accident or injury might have involved drug use. If the employee signs this form, he or she agrees to participate in the drug test, which requires that they provide the appropriate samples for analysis. If the employee signs the Employee Testing Consent Form he or she also authorizes the testing of the samples by a laboratory, agrees to disclose any relevant information to any government entity involved in legal proceedings related to the test, and consents not to sue the employer (even if the employer or laboratory representative makes an error in the process of administering, or analyzing, the test or its results). The Employee Testing Consent Form can be customized for a specific employee or can be used as a generic form for all employees.

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Other names for this document: Employee Drug Testing Release Form, Consent to Drug Testing Form

Sample Employee Drug Testing Consent Form

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