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Sample Corporate Proxy Form Template
Corporate Proxy Basics

As a corporate shareholder, you may not be able to make it to every meeting. In those cases, you can use a Corporate Proxy to allow another person to represent and vote for you at the stockholder's meeting. Having a proxy in place helps you protect your legal rights and responsibilities, and gives you a voice when you can't be there in person.

Use the Corporate Proxy document if:

  • You own stock in a corporation, and wish to give another person the authority to represent, vote, and exercise the powers associated with the stock for a specific meeting of the stockholders.
  • You cannot attend a stockholders' meeting, but wish to have shares voted at the meeting.
  • You cannot attend a stockholders' meeting, but wish to ensure that a quorum can be met.

When you can't be present at a shareholders meeting, you can create a Corporate Proxy allowing you to have another person represent you and vote on your behalf. You'll typically want to give a Corporate Proxy to another stockholder, and for a limited period of time. Your dated Corporate Proxy should include details like: the name of the corporation; the owner of the stock; who will be given authority to represent the stockholder (also called ?the proxy?); when the proxy's authority will take effect; whether you wish to direct your proxy how to vote on certain issues; and the issues on which the proxy's vote will be limited. Finally, make sure a witness is present for the signing, since this proxy is essentially a Special Power of Attorney.

Other names for this document: Shareholder Proxy, Business Proxy, Corporate Proxy Form

Sample Corporate Proxy

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