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Sample Codicil to Will Form Template
Codicil to Will Basics

When it's time to update your Will, you don't have to start from scratch. You can create a Codicil to a Will to revise your Will when you get married, divorced or have a child, among other reasons. Use our Codicil to Will to ensure the changes to your Will are legal and enforceable.

Use the Codicil to Will document if:

  • You want to change one or more provisions of your existing Will due to events such as a marriage or divorce, the birth of a child, a move to another state, a significant change in financial status, a change in tax laws, or the death of a beneficiary.
  • You want to add or change beneficiaries.
  • You want to add or change the nomination of any executor, trustee or guardian.
  • You did not include Digital Assets in your existing Will but would like to address them now. Digital Assets can include any online accounts or files stored on a computer or server, such as email accounts, blogs, social-networking websites, and photo and document sharing websites. You can use the Codicil to Will to appoint a Digital Executor to handle your Digital Assets. Learn more about Digital Executors.
  • You want to modify conditions or restrictions on the receipt of a bequest, such as the age at which a child can receive a bequest.

Creating a Codicil to Will is an easy way to make minor updates to your Will without starting over. The Codicil is a separate legal document from your Will, although it is best stored along with it. Adding a child as beneficiary, removing an ex-husband, changing an executor or including a new asset can all be accomplished by using a Codicil. However, when to create a Codicil versus when to draft a new Will differs case-by-case. Contact an attorney if you are unsure of when to use a Codicil, or whether to create a new Complete Will.

Other names for this document: Amendment to Will

Sample Codicil to Will

More than just a template, our step-by-step interview process makes it easy to create a Codicil to Will.

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