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DBA / Doing Business As Filing


Protect your name

We can help you register your DBA and protect your business name and brand. You may need a DBA to operate your business under a unique name as a sole proprietor, partnership or corporation.


Business Banking

If you want to open a business bank account under a business name that's not your own or the name on your incorporation documents, you'll need a DBA to do it.


Simple & Affordable

Rocket Lawyer makes the process simple, fast and affordable.

Our Promise


If you're not completely satisfied with your order, we'll refund all Rocket Lawyer fees.

Why file a DBA with Rocket Lawyer?

Business compliance

Sole proprietors and partnerships need a DBA to operate under a unique name. Corporations need DBAs to conduct business under a name that is not their official name on their incorporation documents.

Easy, online organization

Rocket Lawyer will keep your DBA filing and all your other business documents online and easily accessible so you always know where to find them, anytime.

Experienced professionals

Our business specialists make it quick and easy to file your DBA and any other business documents. We serve thousands of growing businesses in every state.

Corporate accounting

If you're operating a business under a new name, you need a DBA to open a business bank account in that name, otherwise any checks made out to your company name can't be processed.

Proper filing

Every state has different regulations. We can help determine how and if you need to file a DBA and if so, any additional requirements like a newspaper notice.

Name security

Before you can file your DBA, you'll need to make sure the name you want isn't taken. We run a thorough search to make sure your name is available.

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