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What is Document Defense?

Rocket Lawyer’s best-kept secret is your secret weapon

Sometimes, no matter how well you plan, things fall apart. The DJ cancels a week before your wedding. The purchase you waited weeks for never arrives. Your tenant is late on her rent—again. Even with a signed agreement, what are your options? Are you really going to take the DJ to court? (And how much would that cost?)

That’s why Rocket Lawyer offers Document Defense®. When you create a document with us, Document Defense® adds a layer of protection to help you get what you bargained for.

How it works

Let’s say you have a spare room for rent.

What Is Document Defense?

1. First, you need a lease, so you create one on Rocket Lawyer.

What Is Document Defense?

2. You send it to your new tenant, who signs electronically.

What Is Document Defense?

3. Everything looks good. Your signed document is saved to your Rocket Lawyer account, and your new tenant moves into your spare room.

What Is Document Defense?

But then…

4. One day, your tenant stops paying rent.

What Is Document Defense?

5. You contact Rocket Lawyer. We connect you with a local attorney who can help with your particular issue.

What Is Document Defense?

6. You talk to the lawyer, who helps you decide what to do. If necessary, the lawyer can write a stern letter on your behalf demanding that your tenant pay up.

What Is Document Defense?

While we can’t promise it will resolve every problem, a letter from an attorney is usually all it takes. And if not, your consulting lawyer can advise you on how to proceed. But for most minor disputes like the one above, Document Defense® is the fastest, simplest, and most affordable legal option to get back what’s yours.

Document Defense® is automatically included on every document you create with a Premium or Accelerate membership. So enroll now and relax, because Rocket Lawyer has your back.

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  1. LeeDarby says:

    I like the idea of Rocket Lawyer. It works like the person who solves every problems between the two people, the problem which cannot be taken to court. I have read an article which was based on such problem of bargaining disputes.