35 ways to use Rocket Lawyer

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People generally have a lot more legal needs than they realize. Rocket Lawyer makes it simple to get the help you need. Here’s a list of 35 ways you can […]

Meet Mario – our model On Call attorney

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This is a big week for Rocket Lawyer! Our first outdoor ad campaign has gone live. As you commute around the Bay Area over the next few weeks, you may […]

Five more startup myths debunked

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Previously, we reviewed five startup myths and unfortunately (at least!) five more need debunking. You can check out the first article here. Innovating and running a company is challenging, and […]

Five startup myths busted

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Startups love to get stuff done. As an entrepreneur I live to tick stuff off my list. However, the number of “housekeeping” tasks can be overwhelming. Sadly, skipping steps that […]

SF Product Management Meetup at Rocket Lawyer

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Last week, Rocket Lawyer hosted a Product Management Meetup. Dozens of Bay Area Product Managers gathered at our new Rocket Lawyer office to share lessons, tools, processes, tips, and even […]

Taxes, (un)explained: The best things in life are tax-free

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If there’s one thing even most Republicans and Democrats agree on, it’s that the tax system should be “fair,” if for no other reason than people then feel better about […]

My big fat Greek tax problem

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Last week’s blog contained this amazing stop-the-presses Newsflash: Americans don’t like paying taxes! I know that comes as a shock, but go lie down and put a cold compress on […]

Tax 101: Q&A with a tax attorney (part 2)

Tax 101: Q&A with a Tax Attorney (Part 2) - GettyImages_176197633-d-c.jpg

Last week we quizzed our readers on how well they can explain the tax codes related to their personal return. This week we have a similar question: How well do […]

It’s the new & improved April 15

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It’s almost spring, a time when we shake off the winter doldrums, dust off the hiking boots, fill our bosoms with hope as flowers begin to bloom, and have the […]

Tax 101: Q&A with a tax attorney (part 1)

Tax 101: Q&A with a Tax Attorney (Part 2) - GettyImages_176197633-d-c.jpg

Quick quiz: How well can you explain the tax codes related to your personal return? If you’re unsure, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Though most of us file taxes every […]

5 female lawyers who changed your life

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International Women’s Day is quickly approaching on March 8, so it’s the perfect time to celebrate our nation’s most influential female lawyers. This list is far from complete, but does […]

Simple ways to make your employees happy

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Communication is key to any relationship, even ones at work. One of the simplest ways to bridge the gap in communication between employee and employer is through your very own […]