Thanks for spending a little of your time to learn more about our attorney contribution program. Our goal here is two-fold: to give our Rocket Lawyer On Call attorneys a way to reach more clients and to make sure the help on our site is the very best on the internet.

What's in it for you?

In a word: clients.

Our help articles receive 6 million views a year. A single help article can generate 300,000 views a year. With your picture and profile on top of a help article, that means thousands of potential new clients will associate you and your practice with the legal questions they have. Other On Call attorneys who've written or edited articles for us have reported an uptick in their consultations and new clients.

What's in it for our users?

We want Rocket Lawyer users to have access to the best legal content for free. That's why we're looking to you, a member of our On Call network, to use your expertise and make legal help available for anyone who wants it.

What do these articles look like?

What you're on now is a help article. What you can see below is a good representative example of how our attributed articles look. They're short—usually only a handful of paragraphs—and give a general overview of a particular legal document or legal question.

How long does it take?

Reviewing one of these articles shouldn't take longer than ten minutes. We'll only send you articles in your areas of expertise. With just ten minutes of review, you'll get:

  • Credit as an article contributor
  • Your picture displayed prominently on every article you review
  • Exposure to thousands of potential new clients interested in your area of expertise
  • Increased traffic to your Rocket Lawyer On Call profile

How to get started

For more information, or to begin contributing to our new program, please contact Sean Dugan at