Tenicia Vanzant

Orion Legal Services, PLLC

Birmingham , MI

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Tenicia Vanzant

Orion Legal Services, PLLC

330 E. Maple Road #149

Birmingham, MI48009

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Business Law - Commercial Litigation

Business Law - Transactional

Estate Planning

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Meet Tenicia Vanzant

My goal is to provide small business owners with the legal counsel above and beyond their expectations. My background from corporate america in corporate finance and the financial industry helps with my unique view in the legal counsel that I provide. I utilize a virtual law office to help make the experience more efficient and effective for all sides. 

Practice focus: contract law and drafting, entity formation (for profit and non profit), risk assessment and minimization, business transactions, employment agreements, buy-sell and confidentiality agreements, product sales and distribution agreements.

Practice areas: Business Law, Estate Planning, Intellectual Property, Renewable / Alternative Energy Law

I am available for business coaching as well as business counsel.

Flat fee and Subscription Plans available. General Counsel support available when you need it.

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License Details for Tenicia Vanzant

MI, 2006, #P69475 - Active

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