Stephanie Royal

The Royal Legal Group, LLC

Washington , DC

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Joined on 09/2013

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Stephanie Royal , Managing Attorney

The Royal Legal Group, LLC

5335 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Suite 440

Washington, DC20015

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Administrative Law

ADR / Mediation / Arbitration

Business Law - Transactional

Corporate Law

Debt Collections

Debt Settlement


General Practice

Wills and Probate

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Meet Stephanie Royal

With 25 years of cumulative experience in Consumer Law, Administrative Law, Education Law and other legal areas, I am a sole practitioner and founder of The Royal Law Office.  I have handled matters in the areas of: unfair trade practices, employee discipline, school law, corporate issues, ethics & compliance and other legal areas.  Competent, organized and efficient, my background includes experience as a Judicial Law Clerk, a Deputy Attorney General, the General Counsel for a School District and an Ethics Officer.  My ability to connect with people leads me to be a favorite with my business clients, consumers, and the employees to whom I have provided legal advice. My practice focuses on general law, consumer law, business law and wills/estates, and I am  also known as an effective mediator and arbitrator. My ability to listen helps me to focus on the nature of the matter and provide solutions based upon my client's needs.  I am licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia (Active),  Maryland (Active) and Pennsylvania (In Good Standing/Voluntarily Inactive).

I also offer unbundled/task based legal services and the following packaged legal services for businesses: the General Counsel Package, the Ethics Officer Package, the Corporate Secretary Package, and the Policies & Procedures Package.

Flexible fee arrangements are available including flat fees, per project/per task fees, a monthly retainer fee, hourly fees, packaged services rates and other fee arrangements. 

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Joined on 09/2013

License Details for Stephanie Royal

DC , 1989 , #421337 - Active

MD , 2014 , #11703-Dist. Court - Active

Work Experience

Superior Court of Pennsylvania

Judicial Law Clerk


Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

Ethics Officer


DC Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Assistant General Counsel


US Consumer Product Safety Commission

General Attorney



Attorney & Mediator


Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office

Deputy Attorney General


Pittsburgh Board of Education

General Counsel



Case Western Reserve University


Howard University School of Law


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