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Tampa Law Advocates, P.A. A Private Law Firm

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Samantha Dammer , Managing Attorney

Tampa Law Advocates, P.A. A Private Law Firm

620 E. Twiggs Street, Suite 110

Tampa, FL33602

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Bankruptcy - Commercial

Bankruptcy - Consumer

Creditors Rights


Debt Collections

Debt Settlement

Real Estate

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Meet Samantha Dammer

<p><span>Samantha Dammer is an attorney licensed in Florida and Illinois, concentrating her practice in bankruptcy law, general and real estate litigation, foreclosure solutions, family law, business law as well as comprehensive asset protection and debt restructuring.&nbsp; A tenacious, compassionate and experienced attorney in Tampa Bay, Ms. Dammer provides a holistic approach to clients who are seeking relief from real estate related financial distress, foreclosure or pre-foreclosure issues.</span><span><br/>
</span><span>Ms. Dammer graduated first in her class from St. Xavier University in Chicago.&nbsp; Thereafter, she attended law school at Valparaiso University School of Law, where she was the Executive Symposium Editor for the law review.&nbsp; Ms. Dammer graduated from Valpo Law School Magna Cum Laude in 1998.&nbsp; </span></p>
<p><span>In 2005, Ms. Dammer came to Tampa and&nbsp;shifted her practice to include&nbsp;helping high-end clients avoid bankruptcy and financial disaster through taking a holistic approach to their individual situation.&nbsp;Ms. Dammer has concentrated her practice in guiding high-profile individuals and business owners through tough times, using a unique blend of legal skill, experience, creativity, and problem-solving aptitude.&nbsp; <br/>
Our law firm proudly serves the Tampa Bay community.&nbsp; Ms. Dammer is a member of several bar associations, and she devotes her time to helping several not-for-profit organizations.&nbsp; <br/>
Ms. Dammer's clients can expect a high level of compassion and understanding when they call to make an initial appointment.&nbsp;</span></p>

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Joined on 05/2013

License Details for Samantha Dammer

FL, 2007, #0036953 - Active

Work Experience

Tampa Law Advocates, P.A.

Managing Attorney

3/2009 - Present


St. Xavier University



Valparaiso University School of Law



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