Ryan Stibor

Davis Stibor

Las Vegas , NV

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Joined on 01/2011

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Ryan Stibor

Davis Stibor

6018 S. Durango Dr. #110

Las Vegas, NV89113

Practice Areas for Ryan Stibor

Business Law - Transactional


Contract Law

Copyright / Trademark

Corporate Law

Debt Collections

Debt Settlement



General Practice

Landlord / Tenant

Mergers & Acquisitions

Personal Asset Transactions

Real Estate


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Meet Ryan Stibor

Answers, Solutions, Performance.

We have experience advising clients on a variety of issues affecting companies across several industries both as an attorney and an entrepreneur. 

Previously co-founding a real estate development company and digital media company, I've gained the necessary real world knowledge to help facilitate the commercialization of each client's vision, including forming and structuring business entities to developing and implementing contractual business strategies, acquiring debt and equity capital, registering and licensing trademarks or copyrights; as well as drafting and negotiating commercial real estate or business purchase and sale agreements or leases.

I have
worked as special Nevada and California counsel representing companies on a variety of corporate and real estate transactional matters, including negotiation of approximately a half a billion in equity and debt financing; or acquisition and sale for real estate developments, technology start-up companies and hospitality ventures.

We are here to offer clients practical efficient and honest solutions for all their commercial and corporate endeavors. 

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Joined on 01/2011

License Details for Ryan Stibor

NV , 2004 , #8897 - Active

Work Experience

California Western School of Law


Temple University Rome, Italy

Foreign study

University of Nevada Las Vegas


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