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Richard Mik

Law Office of Richard Mik

Rio Grande , NJ

Rocket Lawyer On Call® Attorney

Joined on 10/2011

Licensed to practice in:


Practice Information


Richard Mik

Law Office of Richard Mik

3301 Route 9 South, Suite 8, PMB 227

Rio Grande , NJ 08242

Practice Areas for Richard Mik

Bankruptcy - Consumer

Business Law - Transactional

Criminal Law - Misdemeanor

Debt Collections

Debt Settlement


Estate Planning

Landlord / Tenant

Personal Injury

Real Estate

Traffic Violations Defense

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Meet Richard Mik

I am licensed to practice law in New Jersey since 1970.  I have a general practice and cover the entire state.  My caseload consists of civil and criminal matter and entails court and litigation cases.  I also provide telephone consultations for clients.

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Joined on 10/2011

License Details for Richard Mik

NJ, 1970, #262221970 - Active

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