Richard Console

Console & Hollawell P.C.

Marlton , NJ

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Richard Console

Console & Hollawell P.C.

525 Route 73 North, Suite 117

Marlton, NJ08053

Practice Areas for Richard Console

Personal Injury

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Meet Richard Console

<span style="text-align: justify">Over the past 17 years, Mr. Console has successfully represented over 4,000 personal injury cases, and has won tens of millions of dollars in compensation for his clients in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Recent accomplishments include winning a $1.5 million settlement for the family of a child who suffered an anoxic brain injury as the result of the negligence of a home health care aid, and a $825,000 settlement for a trip and fall case resulting from an uncovered HVAC hole, which left the victim with permanent injury and disability.</span>

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License Details for Richard Console

NJ, 1993, # - Active

PA, 1992, # - Active

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