Richard Chapo

Law Office of Richard A. Chapo

San Diego , CA

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Richard Chapo

Law Office of Richard A. Chapo

5040 Seachase Way

San Diego, CA92130

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Copyright / Trademark

Business Law - Commercial Litigation

Business Law - Transactional

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Meet Richard Chapo

Attorney with 20 plus years of experience. My practice focuses on assisting professionals and businesses, particularly those with an online presence.<br/>
In private practice since 1992, current practice is focused on subjects such as:<br/>
<li>Affiliate Earnings Disclosures,</li>
<li>Affiliate Program Agreements,</li>
<li>Blog Affiliate Relationship Disclosures,</li>
<li>Browsewrap License Agreements,</li>
<li>Business Advice,</li>
<li>Business Entity Formation,</li>
<li>Business Planning Advice,</li>
<li>Clickwrap License Agreements,</li>
<li>Copyright Registration,</li>
<li>Copyright Transfers,</li>
<li>Dating Sites &ndash; Terms of Use Including Background Check Provisions,</li>
<li>Dating Sites &ndash; Privacy Policies,</li>
<li>DMCA Agent Service,</li>
<li>DMCA Policy Creation and Compliance,</li>
<li>Earnings Disclaimers for Websites,</li>
<li>eBook Legal Documentation,</li>
<li>E-Commerce Website Terms of Use,</li>
<li>E-Commerce Website Privacy Policies,</li>
<li>EULA &ndash; End User License Agreements,</li>
<li>Health Disclaimers,</li>
<li>Linking Policies,</li>
<li>Medical Advice Disclaimers,</li>
<li>Membership Sites &ndash; Subscription Terms of Use,</li>
<li>Membership Sites &ndash; Privacy Policies,</li>
<li>Privacy Policies,</li>
<li>SEO Service Contracts,</li>
<li>Social Media Marketing Contracts,</li>
<li>Strategic Alliance Agreements,</li>
<li>Terms of Use &ndash; General,</li>
<li>Video Terms of Use,</li>
<li>Web Design Contracts,</li>
<li>Website Development Agreements, and</li>
<li>Website Purchase Agreements.</li>

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License Details for Richard Chapo

CA, 1992, #160433 - Active

Work Experience

Law Office of Richard A. Chapo




California Western School of Law


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