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Randall D. Fisher

Fisher Law Office

Annapolis , MD

Rocket Lawyer On Call® Attorney

Joined on 11/2011

Licensed to practice in:

MD , DC , TX

Practice Information


Randall D. Fisher

Fisher Law Office

888 Bestgate Road, Suite 420

Annapolis , MD 21401

Practice Areas for Randall D. Fisher

Estate Planning

Wills and Probate

Copyright / Trademark

Business Law - Commercial Litigation

Business Law - Transactional

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Meet Randall D. Fisher

Whether your goal is to help a favorite charity, ensure the continuation of a business or partnership, or to protect a child with special needs, a well-crafted estate plan provides the roadmap to carry out your wishes. "Our goal is to help the client take care of the two most important things in their life—everything they own and everyone they love—by giving in depth, individualized attention to each client."
Mr. Fisher's priority is to provide comprehensive, highly personalized counsel to couples, families, individuals, and businesses. This advice is as varied as asset protection for medical professionals to helping an elderly surviving spouse divide up a lifetime of memories between children and grandchildren.
Many estate planning clients own small businesses. "Estate planning and business law are very closely related," Mr. Fisher explains. "When I work with small business owners, I am actually working with their estate because what they have built up in their business is what they will have in their estate." Many business owners, such as medical professionals who own their own practice, are concerned about being an attractive target for lawsuits. Mr. Fisher works with clients to create a plan that insulates family assets and reduces risk of loss from a potential liability. Mr. Fisher holds the highest ratings for ethical standards and legal ability defined by Martindale-Hubbell, the legal profession's leading peer review organization.

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Joined on 11/2011

License Details for Randall D. Fisher

MD , #1989-1218-0197 - Active

DC , #418502 - Active

TX , #07056900 - Active

Work Experience

Adelphia Communications Corporation

Associate General Counsel


Adelphia Communications Corporation

Vice President, General Counsel and Assistant Corporate Secretary


Fisher Law Office



Adelphia Communications Corporation

General Counsel


Baraff, Koerner, Olender & Hochberg




University of Texas


Midwestern University


Texas Tech University


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