Patricia Van Haren

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Irvine , CA

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Patricia Van Haren , Estate planning, probate and family law attorney

Law Office of Patricia Van Haren

19200 Von Karman Ave. Suite 400

Irvine, CA 92612

Practice Areas for Patricia Van Haren

Family Law

Custody Issues

ADR / Mediation / Arbitration


Divorce (Contested)

Divorce (Uncontested)

Domestic Relations

Support (spouse or child)

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Meet Patricia Van Haren

<p><span>Attorney Patricia C. Van Haren has been a practicing attorney since May of 2011. Prior to attending law school, Patricia was a family law and estate planning paralegal for approximately 20 years. In that time she acted as a Paralegal for several attorneys. For several years before becoming an attorney, she assisted couples through uncontested divorces as a paralegal and document preparation assistance. After establishing her own practice, she used all of her skills and knowledge to develop her family law, estate planning and wealth management practice. </span></p>
<p><span>After graduating law school, Ms. Van Haren established her first office and opened her doors as a sole practitioner.&nbsp; The focus of her practice is to assist families in their life transitions and growth.&nbsp; Our office prides itself on being able to establish personal connections with our clients. When working at law firms, Ms. Van Haren realized that very often the attorney knew little about the client or the family that they were working with. Ms. Van Haren wanted to practice differently.&nbsp; She understands that the key to being a trusted counselor and advisor and the key to achieving the clients objectives is to know the client on a personal level.</span></p>
<p><span>Ms. Van Haren focuses solely on family law and estate planning matters ranging from paternity actions, divorces, child custody &amp; visitation, child and spousal support and property division.</span></p>

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Law Office of Patricia C. Van Haren



American Intercontinental University


Marymount College


Abraham Lincoln University



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