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Pablo Tagre

Tagre Law Office, APC

Modesto , CA

Rocket Lawyer On Call® Attorney

Joined on 05/2012

Licensed to practice in:


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Pablo Tagre , Counselor at Law

Tagre Law Office, APC

1100 J Street

Modesto , CA 95354

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Estate Planning


Wills and Probate

Business Law - Transactional

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Meet Pablo Tagre

Pablo A. Tagre is a graduate of Harvard Law School and the University of California at Berkeley. The Tagre Law Office benefits from Mr. Tagre's wide-ranging experience, including work with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the California State Senate, and in private practice at prominent local and large law firms representing private business entities and individuals. 

Clients are not always best-served by large overhead-intensive firms that assign new client matters to their least-experienced, over-worked, associates.  

The Tagre Law Office wants each and every client to be confident they are being represented in the most professional, thorough, and determined manner. Our mission is to provide the best possible legal services. The satisfaction of the client is paramount

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Joined on 05/2012

Spanish, English
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CA, YYYY, #237075 - Active

Work Experience

University of California, Berkeley



Harvard Law School



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