Mazyar M. Hedayat

M. Hedayat & Associates, P.C.

Romeoville , IL

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Joined on 04/2010

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Mazyar M. Hedayat , President

M. Hedayat & Associates, P.C.

1211 W. Lakeview Court

Romeoville, IL60446

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Bankruptcy - Commercial

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Meet Mazyar M. Hedayat

Mazyar M. Hedayat is the principal of M. Hedayat & Associates, PC, a law firm representing Clients in State and Federal Court, as well as in transactions and reorganization.

After matriculating at the University of Chicago Mr. Hedayat received his B.A. with Distinction from the Honor's College at the University of Michigan, his MBA from U.M.'s Ross School of Business, and his Juris Doctor degree from DePaul University College of Law.

In addition to being an Attorney, Mr. Hedayat is a title insurance agent, former business broker, and has held Series 7 and 63 securities licenses. He is a member of the American Bankruptcy Institute, American Bar Association, the DuPage County Bar Association, and Will County Bar Association. He has chaired the bankruptcy, publication, business, and law practice management committees of the DCBA where he edited the bar association's law nournal and earned a Board of Directors Award.

Mr. Hedayat has earned honors including Lawyer of the Year, Bankruptcy Lawyer of the Year, and Client-Service awards. Mr. Hedayat has given CLE presentations concerning bankruptcy, electronic filing, business formation and management, construction, bonding, liens, tax deeds, title issues, zoning and other subjects. He has also written dozens of articles, and maintains two blogs.

Mr. Hedayat is on Twitter @mhalaw (bankruptcy law) and @practicehacker (practice management). He can also be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Joined on 04/2010

License Details for Mazyar M. Hedayat

IL , 1995 , #6226806 - Active

Work Experience


01/1999 - 05/2001

M. Hedayat & Associates, P.C.

05/1995 - Present

Aegis Title Services, Inc.

05/2004 - 09/2010


University of Chicago

Common Core


University of Michigan

Honors BA with Distinction


University of Michigan



DePaul College of Law



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