Kevin Steinacker

Steinacker Law PLLC

Puyallup , WA

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Kevin Steinacker

Steinacker Law PLLC

615 E Pioneer, Ste 212

Puyallup, WA98372

Practice Areas for Kevin Steinacker

Copyright / Trademark

Business Law - Commercial Litigation

Business Law - Transactional

Estate Planning

Real Estate

Landlord / Tenant

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Meet Kevin Steinacker

Since he was admitted to practice in 2004, Kevin's practice has focused on business and real estate litigation and on probate and estate planning. Kevin has assisted businesses with incorporation, preparation of appropriate contracts, and intellectual property issues. Kevin has also helped clients with real estate transactions and to resolve property disputes.

Kevin is a contributor to the Washington Lawyer's Practice Manual published by the King County Bar Association and has authored two chapters of the LexisNexis Practice Guide: Washington Real Estate Litigation. Kevin is an adjunct professor at Seattle University Law School.

After obtaining an undergraduate degree in physics, Kevin attended law school at Brigham Young University. Kevin graduated magna cum laude and was a senior editor of the BYU Law Review. 

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License Details for Kevin Steinacker

WA , 2004 , #35475 - Active

Work Experience

Dickson Maher Ingels LLP


2004-11 - 2005-12

Steinacker Law PLLC


2011-12 -

Dickson Steinacker PS


2006-01 - 2011-12


BYU Law School


Brigham Young University



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