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Keren Gesund

Gesund Law Offices, LLC

Las Vegas , NV

Licensed to practice in:

NV , CA , LA

Practice Information


Keren Gesund

Gesund Law Offices, LLC

1533 Sun Copper Dr.

Las Vegas , NV 89117

Practice Areas for Keren Gesund

Bankruptcy - Commercial

Bankruptcy - Consumer

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Meet Keren Gesund

If you're behind on your debts and getting abused by debt collectors, please know you have rights.  

In today's economy, many people suffer from economic hardships.  Good, honest people fall behind in payments and are pursued by debt collectors. While debt collectors are entitled to collect amounts past due, they are required to do so lawfully.  Due to numerous instances of collector abuse and misconduct, Congress enacted federal statutes like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ("FDCPA") to protect consumers.  Please don't think owing a debt means you need to suffer abusive collection practices.

If you're dealing with harassing and/or abusive debt collectors, you may be entitled to up to $1,000 in statutory damages, actual damages, and your reasonable attorneys' fees and costs.  As such, I do not charge my clients for claims brought under the  FDCPA.   

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License Details for Keren Gesund

NV, 2008, #10881 - Active

CA, 2007, #253242 - Active

LA, 2012, #34397 - Active

Work Experience

Lincoln Gustafson & Cercos




Sessions Fishman Nathan & Israel



UC Davis School of Law


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